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About DSI Financial Group


DSI Financial Group Incorporated – DSI Financial Group

Our success, and that of our clients, is founded on a culture of values and has been built through tried and true tenants of experienced wealth management.

Independence Means Financial Confidence

As experienced Financial Professionals, DSI Financial Group does not report to Wall Street, nor are we beholden to shareholders of a public company.  Our Financial Professionals are not incentivized to promote any particular product and report directly to you – our valued client.  While utilizing the best and most suitable investment services available, independence provides our Financial Professionals with the freedom to construct financial strategies unique to every client’s individual needs.

Perspective and Experience

Financial Professionals affiliated with DSI Financial Group provide prudent advice based on a depth of knowledge and experience.  They apply their professional experience to look beyond the daily headlines and strive to remove emotions from the investing process.  But “Big Picture” thinking goes beyond product knowledge.  It involves the management of risk, and the development of disciplined strategies for retirement, income generation, college savings, tax and estate planning.

Partnership and Service

Our Financial Professionals help clients articulate their personal priorities and set life goals.  They take the time to understand their client’s complete financial landscape and work with them in partnership to develop and implement a financial plan.  DSI Financial Group’s primary goal is to foster long-term relationships with our clients.  As such, our Financial Professionals work hard to earn and sustain trust, are responsive to client needs, and constantly monitor and manage investments to ensure that our clients are on track to their financial objectives.

Comprehensive Breadth of Financial Services

Through its various affiliates, DSI Financial Group offers access to a comprehensive range of investment options including Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Annuities, Insurance, and Real Estate Direct Private Placement Syndications.  Our services include Retirement Planning, Income Planning, College Savings Plans, Life Insurance and Estate Planning.

What Makes DSI Different?

At DSI Financial Group we have a clearly defined purpose: To help you achieve the vision of your ideal financial future.