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Leverage your potential by joining our expanding network of independent financial professionals…

The DSI Financial Group is a professional service organization designed to partner with financial professionals in the management of their respective practices.  We assist our financial professionals with the “business” of money management so that they may do what they do best…serve clients.  While all broker/dealer activity is conducted through H. Beck, Inc., the highly qualified personnel at DSI may provide accounting/reporting, compliance, technology, human resources, transition, business development, marketing, practice management and a host of other services consistent with your licensing status.

Financial professionals compensation is highly competitive where payout rates are greater than the current H. Beck, Inc. commission grid.  The advisors we seek are those who are experienced with an existing book of clients, however, we shall always accommodate a high quality candidate who seeks direction, education and counsel.

The DSI model is constructed to serve financial professionals ranging from a full service tier including office space, clerical assistance, technology, etc., to the stand alone individual who wishes to do it all, and everything in between.  Our reason for being is to serve as a valuable ally to our financial professionals in delivering the very best in financial services and advice.

DSI’s new business model offers complete flexibilty:

Develop your own office of reps and earn override

If you would rather build your own office infrastructure, DSI’s model provides an attractive alternative with which to grow your independent branch yet still leverage the power of affiliating with a large production group.

Choose to be an OSJ or utilize H. Beck’s principals instead

If you are a registered principal and wish to supervise your group of representatives, you are welcome to do so. Alternatively, our broker/dealer, H. Beck, also offers remote principal supervision to allow you to focus on maximizing your production and developing your business.

Operate your own RIA or become an IAR with Grove Point Financial

If you already own or wish to operate your own RIA, you may continue to operate it as is, otherwise, you may utilize H. Beck’s existing RIA as an Investment Advisor Representative.

Transition assistance from start to finish

Utilizing H. Beck’s transition team in combination with DSI’s experienced support staff and you’ll have at least two layers of assistance throughout your transition – every step of the way. We have developed a custom software solution specifically designed to assist with this process and to minimize downtime when transitioning your practice.

State-of-the-art technology with full support & training

DSI utilizes trading platform (Pershing’s NetX Pro) and web portals. In addition, we are able to offer group discounts for many software systems you may already be using in your business right now. In addition, both DSI and H. Beck provide technological support via webcasts, conference calls, help desks, and video instruction.

Ultimately, however, we believe that technology is meant to enhance our relationship with our reps, not to replace it. Our group support staff is also available for “in-office” training and/or technological support.

Quick and accurate problem resolution

Your problems are our problems. Servicing DSI representatives as valued clients is our ultimate priority. DSI representatives can be assured that their issues will be handled in an efficient and timely manner.

Truly independent ownership and culture