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Client Bill of Rights

DSI Client Bill of Rights

At DSI Financial Group we have a clearly defined purpose: to help you achieve the vision of your ideal financial future. As we serve you, we believe we have an obligation to set and uphold high standards, including respecting your rights as our client. In addition, you take on important responsibilities that, when met, will help make your goals a reality. Together, these rights and responsibilities are the foundation of a successful financial services relationship.

Your Rights

As our client, you have the right to:


To receive responsible financial service, at a fair price, tailored to your personal objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance and other factors.

To receive professional assistance in clarifying your financial goals and priorities.

To obtain accurate information on the personalized financial strategies we recommend, clearly disclosing their risks, benefits and costs.


To receive clear, accurate, easy-to-understand and timely transaction confirmations, account statements and other communications.

To be informed about all the costs associated with our services and the costs related to individual transactions, including commissions, sales charges (or loads), and other fees.

To be provided with descriptions of our policies and practices for the collection, use and safeguarding of your non-public, personal information.


To be treated in a fair, ethical and respectful manner in all interactions with us.

To receive competent, timely and courteous service.

To select your own financial professional or request a different advisor if you are not satisfied. If you would like to change financial professional for any reason, please call (800) 732-1733.

To move your brokerage account to another financial professional or financial services firm whenever you wish in an efficient manner.


To receive fair consideration and a prompt response from us, if any issue or concern with our service ever arises.

To be provided with a clearly defined process for raising and resolving a complaint, particularly on how to elevate an issue to gain resolution.

If any issue or concern is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should contact your financial advisor right away or contact Client Services at (800) 732-1733.

Your Responsibilities

You should take these steps to get the most out of your financial decisions.


Read thoroughly all sales literature, prospectuses, account agreements and, when available, other offering documents before making financial decisions.

Consider carefully all risks, fees and/or other factors explained in these documents.

Make certain that you understand how each investment you make shapes your financial future. Remember that every investment has some degree of risk and that it is possible to lose money on any investment.

Seek out whatever information you need or want by proactively asking your financial advisor any questions you have about your financial plan, account, specific transactions, risks, potential conflicts of interest, commissions, sales charges or fees.


Provide complete and accurate information about your financial situation, goals and risk tolerance, so that we can provide you with appropriate planning advice and recommendations.

Review your financial plan and portfolio regularly and whenever you experience a significant change in your life. You may also want to make appropriate changes based on the performance of your investments.

Notify your financial professional promptly whenever there is a significant change in your life; for example, if your financial goals, income or net worth change.

Tell your financial professional about mutual fund holdings you own outside of DSI Financial Group so that your financial professional can make sure you receive any applicable “breakpoint” discount.


To ensure payment for securities purchases, have cash or available margin-buying power in your investment account, or transfer funds into that account by the settlement date.

Review all transaction confirmations and account statements or reports carefully and promptly. Report any errors or any questions you have to your financial advisor or contact Client Services at (800) 732-1733.


DSI Financial Group does not provide legal or tax advice, so you should consult an attorney or a tax advisor for this advice.

Keep in mind that you are fully responsible for all your financial decisions.

Consider carefully the validity and reliability of financial and investment information obtained from all sources, especially unsolicited information obtained over the Internet.

Understand that the opinions of your financial professional should never be interpreted as a guarantee of future performance or rate of return.

DSI Financial Group’s Client Bill of Rights is largely adapted from the SIA’s “Investors Rights and Responsibilities” statement, which the SIA adopted in November 2004.